Sunday, April 4, 2010

Creative Madness- Artist Exposed!

Here I am in my messy studio (converted dining room)! My mess is always on the verge of chaos (but never quite over the top)! Every once in a while I simply have to spend the day organizing and I usually uncover forgotten ideas or half done and abandoned projects that I can look at with fresh (Zen) eyes. I often realize that those forgotten projects had lots of potential and will pick up where I left off or take it in a new direction. Other times I have to wonder "What was I thinking?!"

I often will take older projects and rework them into something new. For instance, I took a cuff making class with Connie Fox (here in San Diego) and though I learned a lot about working with metal, I will probably never get into making jewelry (too much work - but never say never)! I took one of the cuffs that I made and cut it up and used it on one of my plant stakes (see picture-right).

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