Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Creating Free Form Glass Art - Video

Please excuse my lack of expertise in the video department! Hopefully you will get the gist of my message as I attempt to demonstrate using a free form method of creating stained glass art. I will often draw my patterns but many of the plant stakes that I have sold and/or currently have for sale have been created free form using scraps of glass leftover from other projects.

One of my favorite plant stakes using the free form method is called "Our House" (pictured right)!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I finished another frame and posted it on my etsy site (

Got a wild hair and cleaned out my boxes of glass (already sorted by color) . This time I sorted by size in order to access all the smaller pieces for mosaics. I save everything down to the smallest shard. I've been inspired to start another frame!
This is one of the ways I like to use my left over glass! After gluing and grouting the glass tiles, I use a hearty craft glue to cement three pieces of glass together. I used a thin piece of wire with beads and wrapped the glass before gluing it onto the frame. I used several small pieces of glass underneath the "red flower" to stablize it. I love the way this frame turned out!

Glass Potential

Welcome to my new blog! The purpose of this blog is to explain, demonstrate, and hopefully clarify some of my glass creations and how I work.