Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Get help editing your BLOG!

I get lots of help from my personal Blog editor when creating new blogs! Mickey is my greatest fan and is riveted by every word I write! I just want to take this opportunity to thank him for all his support and interest! (Do not try this at home... Mickey is specially trained and is ever the professional cursor watcher!)

Creating a Mosaic Mirror

When I start a mosaic project I usually have some idea of what I want to achieve. I usually go for a floral motif and for the pictured project, I wanted to use the pretty pastel peach/pink color for the main flowers. I like symmetry, so I do try to create somewhat of a mirror image although I don't try to be exact because I think it is more interesting when there are variances which is more reflective of nature. I try to vary the size of the flowers that are depicted and also try to use different shaped pieces of glass which makes it more interesting (to me). I try to use the scraps that I have saved, but on occasion I will cut pieces to get a certain color (I did this for the aqua in the corner). Another thing I like to do is create my design in a diagonal pattern. The bottom left of this mirror is reflected in the upper right . As far as color choice goes I usually have a couple of main colors in mind (such as the peach and aqua) then add the greens because it is a floral pattern and then add a touch of some other colors that will add interest. There is a bit a lilac, yellow and iridescent red in this mirror.