Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Creating a Mosaic Mirror

When I start a mosaic project I usually have some idea of what I want to achieve. I usually go for a floral motif and for the pictured project, I wanted to use the pretty pastel peach/pink color for the main flowers. I like symmetry, so I do try to create somewhat of a mirror image although I don't try to be exact because I think it is more interesting when there are variances which is more reflective of nature. I try to vary the size of the flowers that are depicted and also try to use different shaped pieces of glass which makes it more interesting (to me). I try to use the scraps that I have saved, but on occasion I will cut pieces to get a certain color (I did this for the aqua in the corner). Another thing I like to do is create my design in a diagonal pattern. The bottom left of this mirror is reflected in the upper right . As far as color choice goes I usually have a couple of main colors in mind (such as the peach and aqua) then add the greens because it is a floral pattern and then add a touch of some other colors that will add interest. There is a bit a lilac, yellow and iridescent red in this mirror.

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