Monday, September 28, 2009

Story Behind my business card holders!

The design for my cards holders came about by complete accident. A few years ago one of my neighbors was throwing out a stained glass lamp shade that had white and pink glass pieces. I fished it out of the trash and diligently took it apart and was left with eight wide petal shape pieces (the back), 8 trapezoid shapes (the bottom), and 8 or so long petal shapes (which I used for the sides). I began playing around with the pieces wondering what I could make and stumbled upon the idea of the card holder. The pieces lent themselves perfectly, with only one cut on the sides (and I am all about less work). Of course now all the pink and white pieces are long gone and I have to cut all the pieces but I still enjoy making these card holders!

The picture of the pink holder is one of my original holders that sold long ago. I keep trying to improve my holders each time I make one and have changed the front shape but have stuck with the original overall pattern because it works so perfectly! I have made and sold about 30 card holders over the years and have had many satisfied customers!

Now for my new card holders, I pick out glass that is unusual and cut the pieces to take advantage of the most beautiful aspects of the glass. My favorite part is finding shapes and beads to adorn the holders. The Orange Mint holder is one of my new favorites!

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