Sunday, May 29, 2011

Air Plant Art

I took a trip up to Hollander Glass in Los Angeles and bought SOOO much new cool glass I hardly know where to start when I go to pick colors for new projects. I have been having lots of fun picking colors for my new air plant panels that have been selling really well. I was also lucky enough to be asked to have a picture of my stained glass air plant panels posted on the Tillandsia International web site ( ) under their "Air Plant Art" category! Just ordered a new batch of air plants and they are so cute! The plant in this picture is Tillandsia Juncea which is a pretty grassy-like air plant that is a pretty bright green with a bit of red at the tips. I loved this one!

I am having some fun trying to figure out some new ways to display my air plants using stained glass. Here's a simple design that looks good on a patio or bathroom. On the back I added some chicken wire to stabilize the cone and also to use for hanging. The air plant simply sits in the top of the cone. What do you think?